Avatar Lifting Therapy is more than a simple skin tightening treatment, the effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery.

Like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, the effects of the Avatar Lifting Therapy are not entirely permanent as it does not stop any further aging. The positive effects of the treatment; however, will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment, and will continue to improve over the following weeks and should last for many years. Additionally, abstaining from negative lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure can help to maintain your results. 

 The number of treatments required will vary according to the area being treated, skin laxity, the desired degree of correction, and the individual’s response to the treatment.  Most clients see results instantly and the effects continue to improve over the course of the following weeks. Further treatments can be carried out to receive even better results, although it is uncommon to require more than two treatments. Treatments are spaced 10-12 weeks apart.

 Experience the results you are looking for with only cosmetic treatment that uses plasma to eliminate excess skin and with results that keep you improving up to 6 months!

Isabel Brown

Proprietary Practices

Proprietary Technique of Avatar Lifting TherapyIsa Skin Care ISC Procedures – Over 8,500 Procedures Successfully Performed!Medical Esthetician- Master PermanentMakeupMaster Carboxy Therapy Master Meso Therapy Master Body Remodeling

  • Educator Internacional Seminars
  • Medical Esthetician
  • Permanent Makeup Master
  • Fibroblast Avatar Therapy
  • Microneedling Therapy
  • Chemical Peels Master
  • Mesotherapy Body & Face
  • Carboxy Therapy
  • Aparathology Proficient
  • Body Wrap License
  • Micro-Dermabrasion Certified
  • Certificate of Mastery in Triple Peel
  • Sonage Clinical Setting Certified
  • Obaji Products Certified
  • Revision Products Certified
  • Lymphatic Drainage Certified
  • Sanitas Products and Procedures
  • Hair Extension Certified
  • Pre-and Post-Plastic Surgery Therapy Trained

Who Is Isabel Brown?

Isa was born and raised in Costa Rica. She has been fascinated by the beauty industry since the age of 9. At the age of 9 years old, she started cutting her father’s hair. By 12 she was cutting hair for friends and other members of her family. At 12 years old she was doing facials, makeup and nails. After finishing her education, Isa continued to shine in the beauty industry right through to the present. Isa was also educated in the US.

Along the way, Isa became a folk hero in Costa Rica, devoting herself to helping the poor and sick people of her country. Her work in government service and in ecotourism was groundbreaking. Being an exceptional athlete, Isa emerged herself into the beautiful world of the Costa Rican eco-tourism environment. A true pioneer in everything she touches, Isa blazed a trail in Costa Rica for ecotourism. She was instrumental in helping to develop and build the first Rainforest Canopy Tour in Costa Rica. She was the Assistant Director of the Rainmaker Rainforest Canopy Tour in Rio Seco, Parrita, Costa Rica. She was also the Director and Administrator of the very successful Marisol Beach Resorts in Costa Rica which she also developed and built. She also participated in the development and building of the Chamber of Tourism of Parrita, Costa Rica. She was a member of the Commission of the Environmental Protection of Parrita, Costa Rica. Over the years, she owned and operated three successful restaurants because of her tremendous passion for the culinary arts. She was a model in Costa Rica for 5 years.

For the last 3 years, Isa was the owner of OM Salon Y Spa, one of the top 3 Salons in Costa Rica. Isa has developed her proprietary line of amazing products that really work. Isa, her product line, “Isa Skin Care” and her salon were featured regularly on television
Portafolio TV, Placha Hits, Divas pero Divinas and the most important industry magazines in Costa Rica, Voss Essencia, Monkeys Howler, Magazine and Diplomat’s Magazine.


ISC Procedures Medical Esthetician, Isa Brown performs Proprietary Techniques, Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Fibroblast Therapy, and Scalp Micropigmentation. After completing our minimally invasive and virtually painless procedures, you can say goodbye to makeup and hello to everlasting beauty!


I have an exclusive ISC Product Line. Our proprietary line of Isa Skin Care products contains selected ingredients whose anti-aging properties are scientifically established. To achieve the highest degree of efficacy, these active compounds are incorporated in optimal concentrations.  Our Isa Skin Care procedures in combination with our ISC proprietary skin care products target anti-aging, promotes rapid painless skin rejuvenation, and corrects problematic skin conditions.


My promise to every client is to provide the most perfect, customized treatments to create the most beautiful enhancements to make you look your best. After your procedures with us, you will experience dramatic, rapid, and exquisite results. Our proprietary techniques allow for a virtually painless experience. Do not forget about our special discount offers on Facebook and our referral commissions when referring a friend to us.

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Client Testimonials

Excellent professional and luxury treatments

Marvin Barrientos Solano

Great experience and results. Isabel did amazing, painless work on my eyeliner and lips. My eyes are not swollen, and I am ready to continue with my day. Highly recommend ?. Thank you again.

Hana Novakova

Isabel is the BEST in the business!! Her work is perfection!!!

Gina Gathings

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