Rejuvenating Facial

Life is stressful, and that stress can leave marks on your skin. With this service, we will hydrate and remove impurities to return your skin to a healthy glow.


Age Defying Facial

Is your face starting to look older than you feel? Before turning to toxic chemical peels, try our combination of an oxygen facial with a gentle myofascial massage.


Diet Consultation

What you eat affects your skin. After your facial, meet with our nutritionist to find out what you should be eating and what foods you should avoid eating to build the skin you want naturally.


This procedure is safe, easy to administer and will improve the appearance of your skin in just a few days. There will be a noticeable change right after the procedure that will keep improving for the next 6 months. This therapy accelerates the speed at which your skin produces new collagen. This therapy is a new and effective approach to the treatment of aging. My Avatar Therapy is the fastest healing FACE-LIFT rejuvenation system in the beauty industry.

Areas we can treat with Avatar Therapy are as follows: 

Around the Eyes - $400

Topical anesthesia is applied. Healing time is approximately 5 days. Inflammation lasts about 2 days.

Around the Mouth - $500

Topical anesthesia is applied. Healing time is approximately 5 days.

The Neck -$500

Topical anesthesia is applied. Healing time is approximately 10 days.

Avatar Lifting Therapy Seminars – $2,500.00
  • The Avatar Lifting Therapy Seminar includes a certificate at the end of the class. You will learn the Avatar Lifting Therapy technique and be able to have a trial run on one of our machines. Upon completing the class, we will send you your very own machine to practice on, free of charge. There are no refunds of any kind for this class. This includes no refunds for deposits or balance payments. A 50% deposit is due 30 days prior to the seminar class start date. The remaining balance of 50% is due 10 days prior to seminar date. The price of the class may change in different state.

Upcoming Seminar Events


Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted in the upper reticular layer of the epidermis. This procedure is performed with a specialized manual tool.

  • Eyebrows – $500
    • After the consultation, topical anesthesia is applied. Next, I create the eyebrow design. After the client approves the final design, I perform the procedure with NO PAIN, no bruising, and no inflammation. A happy, satisfied, pain free client is my best customer. My business is 90% referrals from other happy customers.
Micropigmentation is atechnique that is performed with a group of tiny needles affixed to an electrical device or a manual tool to create a design. This is also a form of tattooing where pigment is implanted in the upper reticular layer of the epidermis.

This service can be performed on the following areas:

Eyes - $350

After the consultation, the topical anesthesia is applied. Next, I create the eye design. After the client’s approval of my custom design, I perform the procedure with virtually No Pain. After the procedure, the client can expect approximately 2 days of mild inflammation in the treated area

Full Lips - $400

After the consultation and approval by the client of the color and design, I apply the topical anesthesia. Next, I draw a custom lip design on the client. Once you approve the lip design I created, I will then perform the procedure with virtually NO Pain and No Bruising. After this treatment, minimal inflammation and swelling may occur for approximately 3 days. Cooling the treated area during the healing process is advisable.

Permanent Makeup Touchups – $150

Touchups would be performed 5-6 weeks from the first Micropigmentation procedure. This procedure is the same as the first procedure when you had your lips, eyes, or eyebrows done. The only difference is I would not draw a new design. However, during this procedure, any modifications can be performed.


Microneedling therapy allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair mechanism by creating micro-injuries to the skin. This procedure triggers new collagen synthesis yet does not pose the risk of permanent scarring. The result is smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin.

Face, Neck and Chest - $200

The procedure is normally completed within 30-60 minutes, depending on the required treatment and anatomical site. After the procedure, the skin will be red and flushed in appearance,similar to a moderate sunburn. After 3 days, there is barely any evidence that the procedure had been performed.

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