Excellent professional and luxury treatments

Marvin Barrientos Solano

Great experience and results. Isabel did amazing, painless work on my eyeliner and lips. My eyes are not swollen, and I am ready to continue with my day. Highly recommend ?. Thank you again.

Hana Novakova

Isabel is the BEST in the business!! Her work is perfection!!!

Gina Gathings

Isa’s Avatar is a blessing for so many people that can’t even dream about this wonderful treatment because their skin is Fitz 4+ Thank you Isabel!

Victoria Rechester

I have had two fibroblast treatments with Isa. The wrinkles under my eyes are gone (seriously) and the fine crow’s feet lines that were forming are gone as well.  The vertical lines on my cheeks are now barely noticeable.  I have a Fitzpatrick four complexion which means that I am very susceptible to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIHP).  My complexion is now much brighter and the PIHP I did have because of a procedure done by a nurse practitioner in a dermatologist’s office is much lighter.  There is no one else that I would trust to do this treatment with my type of complexion.  It’s important to note that neither time did Isa ask me to give a review on any website.  I stumbled upon this link and wanted others with Fitzpatrick four to know that this treatment worked for me and did not cause any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Ann B. Shave

Super recommend, excellent professional and person!! She did a lovely job with my eyebrows (microblading) ??

Carmen Sanabria

Excellence in every treatment.

Liz Fallas

Excellent service, professional and very personable. Highly recommend her!

Tina MB

I have had two Avatar Firbroblast Treatments with Isa, and I am so delighted with my results. She worked under my eyes (drooping dark circles), above my eyes, on my 11’s /forehead, and under my chin.  I can’t believe how much myunder eyes has improved! The skin is tighter above my eyes (I got a lift too), and the skin under my eyes is tighter, thicker, and makes my circles appear much lighter.  My 11’s are barely there, and my forehead wrinkles also barely there. I can’t say how much this means to me! As a generally happy person, I did not like the angry look the 11’s gave my overall face, and I did not want botox.  I am shocked to see that under my chin, it’s more defined, and lifted.  How lucky am I to have found you at age 40.  THANK YOU ISA for creating this amazing method and sharing it!

Alison lebrun

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